Tuesday, 11 November 2003

A Walk On The Dark Side

There is a dark side
to every human.
Being. Unbeing.
We have all walked
On the dark side.

I have looked
into the abyss
And now the abyss
looks back
at me and into me.

My fear, is that the abyss
will see something that it likes
And the dark side in me
will push me over the edge
into its arms.

How do I survive
a fight
with the abyss?
And why am I
standing so close to it?

Is it to pull others
away from it
and to prevent them
from falling
where I have fallen?

Is it a defence mechanism
to self-inflicted grating nerves
caused by one's public face
O bubbly friendly
joyous child of light

...and that now I finally see
... that here I stand...
a denizen of the
dark shadows of the night?
(don't laugh I am serious)

Or is it because I can no longer deny
the continuous dark thoughts
a vortex swirling in my brain?
(am I a psychotic lunatic
or am I just denying my grieving raging?)

What is this anyway?
What are we all doing here?
It is a crap-shoot deal isn't it?
Pardon the truth I've arrived at
Even if belatedly

Best step out now for some air
Go watch some movies
Don't fall asleep in the dark now
I might bite you
Good night

-Anne The Obscure (playing the Vampire)

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