Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Chocolate Gun (Life and Death by Chocolate)

Give me a chocolate gun, a chocolate gun
Chocolate through the brain and then some
Hoping for life inside some light to ride
Lindt me hand me hold me deliver me
I stand on my own with nobody to please 
Chocolate life it dribbles out through a sieve

Bring me a chocolate gun, a chocolate gun
I will kiss it lick it nip it dearly it's my hun'
I will plan the order of my going, chief
It's not for you to dither if I try or if I live
If my body's fried I will know that it is time
If it's too hard to try then that is the crime

So yes, by my two hands alone, alone
Hard to decide to be, but do not decide for me
No worries yeah, after I have turned every stone
When it's time to go let me not try, let me live
Shoot me with a loaded chocolate gun
You know I will not scream

Pull the plug before it's in, why can't you?
Pull the plug before it's in, why don't you?
Google me do you see me do you feel me
I never did run so go, get me that gun
Nothing we did has been in vain, you see
But I will decide yes I will decide, for me

End me with a loaded dark chocolate gun
Melting bullets thru the brain n then some
Living, it has been an adventure just to be
And now, no deadly monsters can get me
Me and my chocolate gun, it's been done
We'll send you a postcard, it's been done

Anne V- Life and Death by Chocolate

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