Wednesday, 12 March 2014

In the silence and the solitude

In the silence and the solitude
A yearning distant bell tolls
The days like years they fly past
In a misty blur of clock-driven tomorrows 

We wake up each dawn to silence
When will this steadfast search for hope win?
Between the devil and the deep blue sea

We wonder where our fortunes lie
And ponder if death and Judgment awaits
What did the devil ever do right
Did he ever make this world a better place?

The deep blue sea roars its song to the skies
Airplanes float above soundlessly almost
The silence and the solitude achingly blows
Hope needs resilience to grow

Sometimes freedom is looking up and away
Blankets and dry land a hazy memory
Marooned on an ocean-locked steel island 
Far from the cacophony of radio and telemetry

Heirs to a living Atlantis
Silhouettes flowing in the sunlight
Red lips and shiny eyes
Dancing in the roaring winds

Anne V

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