Saturday, 26 October 2013

Standing Between Silence and Waterfalls

 (a song of hope)

I see the brightening sky it reminds me of their fossilized hate
Send it down please when are you gonna tell me again that it is fate
Fate brought us here onto the same fraying lifeline 
Love made us cosy up and be blind
You are you, such a die-hard hero
And I am I, such an odd weirdo

Standing between silence and waterfalls
Nine years through the time machine we stare back at each other
Does this mean it was meant to be? Do you like how I look in leather?
Hesitate and all is lost? Or should we peer over the edge to look before we leap?
All the old sayings are a crock. Fair love never meant fair weather
Could we ever live on chocolate, gooseberries and heather?

Standing between the rainbow glow and early morning droplets of water
I see the lightening night it reminds me of our growing hope
Send some magic down if you are gonna tell me again that we can cope
Love brought us onto the same rocky pebbled path
Faith made us cosy up warmly and be of one heart 
Do we dare make a go of it or will this raise some (un)divine wrath? 

Standing between silence and waterfalls
Waiting for a sign o Lord
Hit the neon already

[Lightning strike]

-Anne V

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