Sunday, 11 August 2013

Keep calm and say hello to your Stalker

Be careful when you add connections on LinkedIn. As a small business owner I have received a few work files from LinkedIn connections whom I met via LinkedIn. That gave me a false sense of security I guess.

I recently added 2 individuals who seemed to be prospective clients as they sent me in-mail about work first, and then 1 of them sent me a marriage proposal via LinkedIn messaging, and one fine fellow is currently stalking me across social media (Twitter, FB, Gmail, Google Plus) and has added me to some online chat group.

If online search records are to be believed, this individual has his law firm overseas but is in KL (!!) this week on business so he is trying to meet up with me to "talk of work and more importantly other matters that could arise due to mutual interests." Freaky. freaky. freaky.

I want to zap him with a lightning strike or two. Am I overreacting?

 (I don't own the copyright for this pic. Check with the creators of Angry Birds.)

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