Saturday, 27 April 2013

Post 26: The Many Faces of Two Sisters (A Song of Two Cats)

NaPoWriMo 2013

On the outside you smile
On the inside you feel bereft
On the outside you are polite
On the inside you think, "yeah right!"
On the outside you hug
On the inside you wanna scream and tug
On the outside your eyes twinkle
On the inside you retreat, shrivel

On the outside you feel you must compete
On the inside you are kindly and sweet
On the outside you are the grumpy cousin
On the inside you are all friendly conduction
On the outside you are rebel competitor
On the inside you are loving supporter
On the outside you wonder, is this forever?
On the inside you willingly band together

On the outside looking in
On the inside looking out
Sisters soulmates yet nastily verbally they compete
Brothers-in-law stand in loving(?) defeat
Hunger games abound what a huff
And this was the 70s to 80s not a movie in 2012
Sibling rivalry of our beloved parents
Visited on the children in heavy torrents

Competitive sisterhood muddled motherhood
We all become rude and (un)silently hoot
Anger management necessary o schizophrenic brotherhood
Else there's no getting out of this neighbourhood
World War Three over the iced lemon tea and spicy dhal curries
Family gatherings laughter squabbles angrily debated flurries
Brothers-in-law (un)meek and maybe forgiving
Whilst inside they were thinking really of running

Some of us stepped out of that race
We will not compete or act in haste
When the elephants and tigers fight
The kuchimutu field mice and chameleons get flattened
Utterly actsy sibling rivalry sisterhood in a quandary
When the blood wars begin the devastation is blatant
This will not pass to the next generation I hope
Make it so, or really, I'll elope

-Anne The Obscure

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