Friday, 5 April 2013

Tarjima and Her Wordsmiths

A happy side-effect of NaPoWriMo is that I have received offers of work, someone wants me to write lyrics. I am secretly amazed that NaPoWriMo has such a reach on The Internet. For someone who is self-employed that is actually really really awesome. Thank you NaPoWriMo.  Many hearts. <3 <3 <3

The reality check however is that I don't write lyrics and verse for a living but mostly for personal catharsis. Who knows, maybe when I get better at it I will give it a whirl!

In the meantime, I do very different work in my day job. Actually scratch that, my day job also involves the written help law firm and banking clients in report writing, affidavit drafting, translation, transcription and litigation documentation. I mostly consult for lawyers who need help in their solicitor's preparatory work.

Please have a look at my work site:  Tarjima Transcription Services & Consultancy 
legal service provider for law firms, IP firms, banks, financial services firms, publishers, media agencies, NGOs, IGAs and others. We also assist clients with express/urgent requests for litigation support services. Do contact us to find out our regular rates as prices listed on our website are subject to change from time to time.

My worksite is akin to my virtual office as I get a lot of work sent my way after clients come across my web address. I have advertised on a few locations online and that has been helping some!

And this is my FB workpage: Tarjima and her Wordsmiths

On my FB page I try to post interesting community updates about writing, grammar and doing business as a small start-up. I update it about once a week, so that I do not crowd my followers' news-feeds but at the same time, I am in their mind with interesting updates and articles shared:

Please check it out (click the name) and like it if you approve to show your support for my endeavours in being a stay-at-home daughter who also runs her own business from home. I have the best of both worlds like this, I can earn money from home, and I can care for dad without worrying about what is going to explode in the office next.


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