Sunday, 1 October 2006

Judge Not, Lest...

Someone called me a 'lapsed Catholic' at a party last night, when the conversation turned to religion. Who does this person think she is? God? Our dear Holy Father(who I may very humbly say, should watch what he reads out to the public, if not for the Church's sake then at least for the rest of us Catholic Christians so that we don't have to be mortified by his socially unacceptable remarks)?

So what if I don't go to church every Sunday every week of the year?
So what if I don't go to all the Novenas?
So what if I don't feel like going to Confession when I don't feel it necessary?
So what if I don't fast during Lent season?
So what if I don't like all the man-made rules set by the Church authorities?

I don't think if you go to Church every Sunday of every week of the year, you have a seat in Heaven or that all your sins have been white-washed away by your daily, hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly, confessions.
I don't think God's Church in heaven has man-made rules.
I believe that God is Love, and that Jesus was teaching us that He is the Way, The Truth and the Life. So if Jesus= God, and Jesus= The Way, the Truth and the life, then it thus follows that Jesus=Love.

So I just believe in Love.
Love for a fellow human being.
Love for the earth, the skies, trees, flowers and the seas.
Love for all of God's creatures, large and small.
And thus I believe that I am a practising Catholic Christian, as I believe that God=Love.

I'm sorry but I really don't care about your five hundred million other man-made Church-made rules which are too difficult to remember and at times too confusing to contemplate. Some of those rules are way too divisive, and they divide and conquer humanity.

So obviously, I was taken aback on so many levels that this person felt she had the right to judge me, that she had such a seriously enlarged superiority complex that her popular definition of what a practising Catholic is or should be, was correct, and that she therefore had a God-given(*sic*) right to proclaim the non-practising of my faith in a social setting(in fact in any setting at all) and to loudly declare to the world at large that I am a lapsed Catholic.

Absolute nonsense and utter fiddlesticks.
Judge not, lest thou be judged.

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