Friday, 6 April 2012

Second Wind

Latest news then, I have left the UN since late 2011 and have been mostly on vacation and intermittently working free-lance doing a variety of things. Mostly consulting work doing freelance legal drafting. It is not the most easy thing to freelance on but I find that the greatest gift of working this way is the extra time I have. Truth be told, a huge load has lifted off my head as I can spend time with my dad who is aging fast.

Being in control of one's hours is awesome blossom but then the problem then becomes an issue of finance. There is less consistent and regular income for frivolous pursuits. Who knew frivolous pursuits could be so expensive? One has to ruthlessly trim the and fat and look to what's necessary first before the desires kick in. Needs before wants. Food before fuel. Nothing like being your own generator of income to realize this very, very quickly.

I just need to decide what to do next. After being an in-house lawyer for UNHCR what is next? Return to the conventional workforce? Serve humanity in Somalia? Or keep plugging at free-lance work?

I have not quite decided yet.

Holiday still, then.

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