Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Straw and the Camel

Was told today at work that my popularity with the colleagues was undermining a fellow colleague's authority and that I simply have to agree with all opinions rendered  and cannot contradict said colleague in front of workmates, joint bosses and anyone at all.

Well blimey. I did not know this was a dictatorship at work.

Why become a lawyer then?

The open and frank discussions we have within the unit is something I appreciate and not being able to agree to disagree is  not something I subscribe to. I said that I am not a yes-person and that if I had a different opinion, we colleagues would have to know about it so that the best decisions can be made and we have always disagreed in an open and frank manner so that the best solutions can be found. We are a humanitarian agency and ....haiyaaa... this is being supportive!

Let's see what happens next. Sorry for the boring post about what happened at work. I'll try to find better things to post about next time. I just needed to share this with the silent universe within.

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