Sunday, 4 March 2007

Koula Koumis, Rest In Peace (Died 3 March 2007)

The silence is deafening
Your pretty smile
your friendly face
your cheeky laughter
that cheered us on
Your human rights awareness
your passion for refugee advocacy
Lives on in our memory forever
The paths you took
indelibly marked
by your joie de vivre
The horror of your accident
the immediacy of your death
The thought of you gone
 in the blink of an eye
Is unbelievable, reminds us
your colleagues and friends
that this earthly life
is fleeting, temporary
and that the moment for action is Now
May you have peace, happiness
and love forever more
As you journey on to a better place
May the light of heaven's eternal joy
Shine on you and keep you
safe in God's arms forever
Lots of love and fondest regards
from all of your friends
here in Malaysia
Rest in Peace

Anne V (2007)

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