Tuesday, 7 November 2006

So Crystal Clear (A Wedding Song for The Wongs)

See... this little touch, upon your hand
Not yet a come-hither manoeuvre, not quite a platonic pat by far
And yet, a little touch, soft and gentle
That is cherished, remembered...
Several years down Life's path

Lives converge, in the strangest of ways
A husky voice so low, so sweetly heard
Shoots lightning straight through the consciousness
Legs, from feet to hips, an eternity of skin...
From here, to forever, I love you

A smile, a glorious laugh, tinkling like shooting stars
Racing, dashing, bounding up eight flights of stairs
A thought so commonly shared
So uncommonly synchronised and felt...
In smile, in memory, in word and deed

A little touch, upon your hand
A little touch, on your lover-strings
In here, there is a calm, a silent song, a knowledge
A fierce heat that cannot be crushed, nor quenched...
A fire, a love, so crystal clear

To guard, from this day forth, the grille and gate
To hold back the anarchy, the world's maddening chaos
A love so strong, so silent, so passionate
A little touch so cherished, so dear...
Your hands, forever clasped, in mine

Anne Varghese (2006)

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