Monday, 9 October 2006

Shortbus: Challenging Sexuality and Relationship Stereotypes

At first I thought it was a mad sex movie. Or some sort of pornography trying to pass itself off as an arthouse movie. If you can suspend any judgmental thoughts, then this movie which charts the lives of some really emotionally challenged people turns out to be kinda interesting, moving, with a funny look at politics, love, sex and relationships. It then becomes... very brilliant, introspective and melancholic indeed. Or it could just be some sort of greatly produced arthouse stuff. Which I can't believe I'm posting here, but what the hey...

At the very least there is some great direction and production. Some superb camerawork. Brilliant, phenomenal, shocking to the senses.

Is it smut, pure and simple?

Director John Cameron Mitchell answers in the negative to say that "The purpose of pornography is to arouse, whereas here, he said, "the priority is the emotional life of the characters."

Watch lar and you decide. Erm, if you're conservative or under 18, maybe not ok. It's unrated, but let me rate it for you: 18-SG/SX/PL.

Obviously it also would not pass our Censorship Board at all so you have to download it off the internet and watch. I'm not condoning illegal downloads here but you do what you must. Also, downloading for research purposes operates as 'exception' defence to any claims of breach of copyright. Heh.

Cheers, and have fun watching.

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