Saturday, 9 September 2006

The Schadenfreude of the Universe

Live between the sunlit rays
And the flowers in May
Survive through the nights
Of cloudless skies
And moonlit inkiness

Stay positive through it all
The misery and the grief
For that is living life large
It justifies the boundless moments
Of utter joy and Bliss

Live between the sunshiny glee
And the darkness
Laugh through the pain
Smile through the tears

You are so awesome
It will get better
Thunderstorms are scary
But the beautiful forked lightning
Brightens the gloom

Live between the sunshiny skies
And the blooming flowers
Dance on through the desolation
Smile though you feel hopeless
And the solution will bubble up

The moonless inky nights
Lead to bright blue skies
Cotton candy clouds in sight
And the utter deliciousness
Of a bright tomorrow

Live between the sunshine
And the sunflowers
The universe will soften
It will cut us a break someday

(Me, October 2006)

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