Saturday, 22 April 2006

Songs In the Key of Phhhh!

i. Hide
Live between
The sunshine
And the flowers
Live in
The darkness
And the creatures
That go bump
In the Night

ii. Listen
The sounds of the city
They comfort me
For my love is gone
My heart is empty
And in my body resides
A vacuum of silence
Previously known as ...
My soul

iii. Darkness
Broken am I
Helpless am I
Alone am I
Sorrowful am I
For I have lost
The only light in my life
For I have lost
The only star in my night

iv. Alone
The rumble of the trains
The purr of the engines
The screech of the drills
The hiss of the brakes
The horn-blowing of the cars
The shouts of the people
So much noise
So much activity
And yet I am

v. Language Is Dead
Such a stupid word
Such an annoying word
Such a useless word
Such a meaningless word

Words Fail Me

Anne Varghese (2005)

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