Saturday, 3 December 2005

Shadow play: Chaos

It’s hard to be strong
Difficult to take a tough stand
When you’re the only one
Seeing what’s going on
When you’re the only one
Not being conned!

50 million people who are wrong
Saying something is correct
Does not make it right
500 blind people who are wrong
Seeing something as okay
Does not make it all right!

Nobody wants to be the bad guy
Nobody wants to stand up and shout!
Everybody would rather be silly and coy
Than to stand up and turn about
Everybody would rather pretend
That everything is fine and dandy
Then tell off the blackguard
Toe the line or just get out!

Nobody has the guts to tell it like it is: cut and dried
They tiptoe endless in a shadow play
Of tact and humour and politeness
They step so softly around in dissatisfaction
And dream of sunflowers and lilies
Whilst around them utter chaos abound

And the conman lives like royalty
Smug faced king of the mound
Using pity ploys and guilt trips
To make others do his bidding
Jeez, whom is he kidding?
Am I the only one not being conned???

Anne Varghese (2001)

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