Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Orphan Boy

Bullets of rain that pierce
His skinny little back with pain
Cold driving blasts
Pummelling pelts
The little boy huddled against the rain
Hoping against hope thwarted
Praying against prayers unanswered

Suffering silently
The cold thunderclap
The lightning thwacks
Of the hard driving rain
Against his skinny scrawny back
All Alone: no home
Praying for a loving hand
To take him in
Hoping for a loving heart
To see the purity within

Scavenger: beggar boy
Ruffian: urchin child
To survive
is to be wild
To hope
is to dare smile

At a complete stranger
To give him just a bare manger
Warm and dry and safe
Away from the torturous sun
That bleaches bones
Darkens and chafes
Hoping for protection
Seeking sanctuary
Hoping for redemption
Seeking love’s charity

Looking for hope
In a stranger’s sighs
Looking for a home
In a stranger’s eyes
No more suffering like this
No more cruel winds that hiss
“No hope, No family, No peace…”
“No love, No laughter, No bliss…”

Just a little boy alone in the street
Bare head: bruised bare feet
Hoping against hope thwarted
Praying against prayers unanswered

No more suffering like this
Only love, and longing, only peace.

Anne Varghese (2004)

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