Sunday, 21 August 2005

Mirror Reflections

The fact is, a huge number of us are 'users and abusers'. But we don't like being told that we are users. We do not want to be told that we are abusers. We don't like having the Mirror of Conscience shoved in front of our noses.

Because everyone has an inner voice that always thinks that they are the good folks. Our little voice always tells us that we are good people, we care, we hurt, and we love. So we can't be that evil, we can't be bad. Deep inside we all want the same things. Good health, external beauty, joy, happiness, peace, wealth, a nice car, a sweet home to call our own, someone to love, a cosy family.

Some people however will use any means they can to get what they want. Even if it means that people get hurt. Though this is tacitly acceptable collateral damage as the ends justify the means. However if you hold up the mirror to their faces and call them users and abusers, they get offended. Because, hey, they're good people. They assuage their conscience by doing random good deeds or donating to the poor. Or they don't have a conscience because of their very well-developed sense of entitlement from their disenfranchised childhood. The Entire Freaking World owes them a living, you see.

So it's ok to ride roughshod over everyone else's rights, feelings and turf. Simply because they may have flipped a few pennies to some people, or because their childhood was hard.

Well, Boo Hooie.

That doesn't make it right.

But why don't most people know this? What is this culture of "I gotta have mine now and I don't care how I do it"? Where did it come from? What happened to the spirit of kindliness, neigbourliness and awareness for your fellow man? What happened to doing to others as should be done to you? What ever happened to sweet love and charity? It's hard being here in this world. It's hard having to deal with the crap we face everyday. People fear so many things. People fear losing out to their fellow human beings at school, at work, on the road, in society because of stupid social constructs like 'keeping up with the neighbours and the joneses'. People fear disease, car accidents, environmental disasters, terrorism, war, plague, but no one's doing anything positive to make a change. Instead people are more concerned in trying to milk as much as they can while they can, just to say that, "I got mine".

When will it all end? Do we need another Ice Age so that the world can start afresh? What can one person do to make the world a better place. Let alone the world, is anyone even trying to make their corner of the Earth a better place?

So people, before you step out into the world today... think...
are you a user and an abuser?
Is your Mirror of Conscience clouded over?

Have you hugged your child today?
Have you done anything nice for someone recently?
Helped a friend with a burden maybe?
Do people avoid you? Or are they happy to see you?
Have you smiled at a stranger today?

Are you ready to be one with the universe?
If you die tomorrow, have you lived a life well-lived?

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