Saturday, 30 July 2005

Pious On Sundays?

Dear Aunty Holier-Than-Thou aka Aunty I-Only-See-You-When-I-Have-To-Because-You-Are-FanaticallyPsychoticallyJudgmental,

Just because you go to church 28 times a month does not make you holier than everyone else who lives on your street, it only makes you look like you need an emotional prop to survive in this hard, hard world.

Just because you attend confession 4 times a month, does not make you better than all the people around you, it only means that you don't want to be responsible for your own actions or in charge of your own spiritual well-being in this insane excuse of a world that we live in.

Just because I don't go to church every week does not make me evil and a "recalcitrant catholic". I'm not even sure I want to be Christian if Christianity is populated with people like you who prejudge others on superficial social constructs.

Just because I believe in the hypocrisy of organised religion and refuse to follow man-made law, does not make me less religious than you and all the other people like you, if anything, it makes me more spiritual, as I actually think about my God and not follow the worshipping crowd blindly worshipping at its organised, homogenised, pasteurised and regulated gatherings.

I do what I think is right and just and good and not what some priest on a pulpit tells me to do or not do. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. In the same way, you are responsible for your own soul and going to church every Sunday will not whitewash nor cleanse your horrendous road-ragey kia-su kia-see weekday behaviour away. No point being a Sunday Christian. You still are a rotten dirty little sinner anyway as you treat people so badly. So suck a chill pill and get away from those of us who are spiritual but do not shove our spirituality down the throats of everyone we meet. Live and let live.

I think for myself. I don't need to go for guidance and confession every other day or week. If I mess up, I face the music, and not run for redemption. You have to suffer for your sins, and I don't think confessing to a man in a room or shouting your sorrow to the skies is going to do much for you.

So suck it up, or shut up. Instead of beating your chest and screaming to God to forgive your measly, weasly, sleazy, sneaky little sins, do something else for a change. Be accountable. Earn your own redemption instead of constantly getting Jesus Christ crucified. Go do some community services instead!! Carpool! Stop stealing other people's car park bays. Pay your taxes! Help the poor. Leave a big tip for the waiter. Compliment your subordinates. Be nice to your kids even when no one's looking. Snog your husband tonight. Stop criticising my boyfriend. Yours ain't too hot either. Hug your sister. Have a chat with a brother. Buy a brick or two. Save an animal. Be good!

And then you will forget to be so psychotically fanatically judgmental.
Peace Out.

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