Saturday, 9 April 2005

Time Piece of Wrath

So tell me why this is happening, can you: will you?
Are we here for some grand design
That got fucked in the beginning of Creation?

Why does the tick tock time piece of wrath eventually stop?
Why create only to destroy, why beget only to bedevil?
What did the chaff do wrong?

Things go bump in the night,
but who can explain away the mysterious bruises?
Things go kablooie in the morning,
and who's the blame for the carnage?

Is it me? Is it you?
Is it tectonic plates, underground quakes
and the grinding hips of Mother Earth?

Do we have bad karma?
Or have we just been cursed for seventy-seven generations?
Are our forces misaligned with that of nature?

Or is nobody to blame,
it is only the happenstance and ways of the world?
Do the Powers that Be disapprove with us?
Or is the Olde Knave pulling the strings?

Tell me now, so that I can pound the respective faces into the ground!!!
Here I stand, shaking my fists at nobody in particular
Ooh, how bloody damned effective

Let it go already.

Anne Varghese (c) 2005

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