Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Adipose Overload (Part 3 of 10)

Someone told me yesterday that I was fat and round, that my breasts were too big and that I was too short for my fatness.

They then put their hands under my shirt (and cupped my breasts!) to feel my stomach and my ribs. They then pressed against my chest and said that no one could hug me because my breasts were in the way. But they continued hugging me and pressing themselves against me.

Then they commented at the hugeness of my breasts and tried to peek down my shirt.
I was shocked. What harrassment!

What's with these scary skinny people who do not understand that some human beings are comfortable being round and would just like to be left alone?

I don't go up to thin people and poke their bones and say,
"Oooh, you're so horribly thin!"

I don't touch their flat chests and go,
"Oooh, you have such an airport runway here!"

I don't press against them and say,
"What are those two pimples doing there???"
I don't ask, "Do you need some Clearasil for that?"

I could, but I don't.
Even when they comment on my fatness, plumpness, roundness, rubenesqueness...

Because. That. Would. Be. Harrassment.
That. Would. Be. Fucking Wrong.
That. Would. Be. Cruel.
Also unbelievably crass and rude.

But people do that to me with no compunction whatsoever.
This was not the first time such a thing has happened to me, as well.

And I'm supposed to smile and think it's hilarious???
That's what they expect me to do. To smile and laugh along. To be a good sport.

I'm not supposed to feel violated when they try to cop a feel of some round flesh???
I don't think so. Fuckwits all.

Adipose Overload

What is wrong today
with this society?
Thin is in, and
Nothing else matters

Heaven help you
if you're rubenesque
If you're fat if you're round
If you're plump

You have no rights
you have no identity
No feelings no worth
No personality

People touch you Poke you
Prod you Press you
Pinch you
Put their hands against you

If you were thin
That would be sexual harrasment
Or some sort of harrassment at least
Physical Assault, sexual abuse, emotional battery

Since you're fat and round it doesn't matter
You have no rights anyway
You have no sexuality
You are not a human being

And if you retaliate
they ask, how fat do you have to become
Before you become Fat And Jolly?
As aren't all fat people: Fat, Jolly and Happy?

I say go to hell fuckers
stick your head up your own arse
and your brains'll be in there

You can't realise, you cannot see

Anne Varghese (c) 2004

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