Monday, 29 November 2004

Scribblings at Midnight, Scribblings at Dawn

Something happy for all of you, which I wrote for my brother and his ladylove ... and now I share it with all of you, and especially for Ronnie, Dominic and Ian.

Love Is You
Love never used to make the world go round
It never made the world fly and float, fling and explode
But now, love has made the world shiver and swirl
And see, love has made the leaves dance and twirl
Love is a blue rock, fluffy pink cotton candy, a chocolatey sweet
Love is a door to happiness and ecstasy
The front guard of security and safety
No more having to search for happiness
No more having to look for peace
For love shall be the pillar
Love is the rock of the ages
Love is the warm blanket on a cold rainy night
Love means always having someone on your side
Love means never having to watch your back
Or cage your heart

No more walls to block out feelings
No more forts to hide your thoughts
No more barnacles on your soul
Do not be solitary, o no longer are you alone
No more tears, o no more…
Do not grieve do not weep do not hate
Smile, my honey, smile!
For love, my sweet, my darling, Love is here to stay
For Love shall be the grill and grate
and It shall be the glue
Love shall hold chaos at bay
And keep the nightmares away
Love, my sweet, shall save the day
Love, my darling, love, love, love
Love, is you...

Anne Varghese, Scribblings at Midnight
(C) 20 November 2004

The New Year Gift

Sugar lover
Tiny little green clover
Come to me
Wind dancer
Sweet child of December
Fat man dressed in red
Big red bag of plaid
Green tree
What’s to see?
Pretty things all from me
Child of joy
Friendly wood-sprite all coy
Come to me
Sing with me
Little man in green
Give me my dream
Not the pot of gold
At the end of the rainbow
But peace and happiness untold
Good cheer, Faith and love forevermore
This is all
I ask of thee
Tell me
Wouldst thou give my dream to me?
Or is it to be
Up to me?

Anne Varghese, Scribblings at Dawn
(C) 29 November 2004

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