Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Things My Mother Had Done

Things My Mother Had Done At My Age That I Have Yet To Do

1. Marriage
2. Two kids
3. Running a successful business
4. Sewing... not just a button, but all kinds of things
5. Shorthand
6. Managing a household of husband, two kids and two maids
7. Getting along with all her siblings all the time and when it counts
8. Playing the clarinet
9. Playing classical guitar
10. Not letting her rose and flower garden die and dry up
11. Having time for fun and games
12. Having time for helping people all the time
13. Having time for keeping a close eye on her siblings
14. Volunteering at church
15. Taking time out for social get-togethers
16.Baking pastry and cakes and learning how to toss roti canai dough
17. Not being smarmy with the older generation
18. Not losing her temper at the drop of the hat
19. Not being a mouse when it is time to be a tiger and vice-versa
20. Making everyone around her happy and content
21. Dimpled smiles. Need I say more?

Things I have done that my mother will never have a chance to do

1. Watersports
2. Jungle trekking
3. Aerial Sports
4. Bar School
5. Been called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor
6. Blogged
7. Masters' Degree in Law
8. Joined an international relief organisation
9. Serial dated
10. Written a book
11. Kickboxed
12. Bellydanced

The Columns are not Equal. She had so many things more to do. And I can never compare. She was loved by all. She is always loved and terribly missed by all who knew her.

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