Wednesday, 9 June 2004

A Song Of Veronica

Little bunny rabbit Ron
Honey baby girl sayang
Little munchkin
with the million-watt smile

You made us all so happy and excited when on this day you were born
A dear round baby, so small, so cute, so extremely soft and tiny
With an old soul
peeping out of big intelligent laughing eyes

I remember how I found out I had a new cousin
A wonderful new baby darling to play with
the newest and latest addition to the family

I was coming back from school
Sitting in the front seat of my mom's car
When she said that Auntie Anna has a new baby, a beautiful little girl

Would you like to visit your new little cousin?
And I yelled and laughed and whooped
Yes, Yes, Of Course, let's go right now!!!
And we bought many presents and turned up to see you

You were everything your parents dreamed of
And the cutest little cousin we could wish for
You were smart and funny, a wiseass at the age of 2
A cheeky adorable smartmouth at the age of 4

All of us used to fight over who'd get to carry you
Who'd get to hold you, play with you, tease you
And it must be said that I loved you best of all

Now that you've grown into a beautiful young woman
I still see the little girl
I used to bounce on my knee

The little smartmouth who used to proclaim
that I was 'melly and needed a bath
If I tried to carry you
Right after a sweaty game of police n thief with your older cousins

You are blossoming into adulthood
But you'll always be my little cousin munchkin
With that great personality, wonderful humour and soft, kind heart
You will go miles and the stars are your limit, Ronnie babykins

Whatever you do may sunshine and rainbows follow you
Wherever you go may God's blessings and light be with you
Happy Birthday!!!

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