Monday, 3 May 2004

The Sense of Touch

1. The feel of suede
2. The touch of skin
3. The caress of a feather
4. The whisper of silk
5. The warmth of velvet
6. The shiver of satin
7. The roughness of five o'clock shadows
8. The bristle of a beard
9. The feel of callused hands
10. The scrub of a kitten's tongue
11. The silkiness of a puppy's ears
12. The softness of a kiss
13. The scrape of fingernails
14. The sweep of soft hair
15. The coldness of the air
16. The feel of raindrops
17. The touch of a loving hand
18. The feel of clean sheets
19. The caress of warm blankets
20. The flow of cool water on a hot day

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