Tuesday, 4 November 2003

The Cracks In the Midnight Sky

My first set of poems published in an online Malaysian magazine and a poetry foundation in the US.

1. Barter (Come Back and Live)
Come back and Live, I'll die for you
Don't die and leave, I'll do anything you want me to
I'm sorry I shouted, I'm sorry I yelled
My love have you doubted; this grief I can't quell
My love so true, can I give my life for you?
Is this my punishment? O don't be cruel
I hate this abandonment: Did your love for me cool?
Come back and live, I'll die for you
Barter with God, My life for you
I tried to save you; Block Death's Scythe
Take the blow for you, I want to die for you
Come back and live, I'll die for you
It's no sacrifice; Without you my heart's ice
Hear my prayer; What do you say, O Lord?
Please, give me the time of day, O God
Darling, don't leave in haste, I'll take your place
Come back and live...I'll die, I'll die for you
Barter with God...I'll die, I'll die for you

2. Battered No More

The wind stays still, about the trees
Tapping at the windowsill, shivers in my knees
Seems like rain, clouds full of doubt
Cracking at the windowpane, his lips pout
Why should I let you in, tell me now
Give me a good reason, for I will not bow
Candle wax on the floor, taps at the door
I trust you no more, so away you must go
Doorknob slowing turning, stomach quickly churning
Chest hotly burning, head suddenly hurting
Not gonna let you in, I tell you now
You're drunk with gin, sweat on my brow
Door latched and locked, you're shamed I'm shocked
Pick up a large rock, surprised my bravery's finally docked
Outside you will sleep, inside I will weep
Hurting to the core, behind safely closed doors
Sunrise is here, O heavy brave fear
No more pretence, O no more clover
I'm hurting to th'core, O pretend no more
Sunshine through the door, Battered no more

3. One Glorious Right
Over the ravine, free fall down
Nary a thought, not a frown
What it would feel like, to take flight
Crashing down, silent without a sound
Nary a thought not a frown
Lost all colour, life's muddy brown
Waves crashing over sharp rocks
Galloping graduate, school of hard knocks
Speed off the cliff, shortest ride
One panicked heave, no thought aside
Child of light, no longer in sight
Crashing white foam, final watery home
Over the cliff, a ray of light
Brightens the dark soot-blackened night
Over the ravine, free fall down
Rays of sunlight, shining all around
What it would feel like, to take flight
Change all the wrongs into one glorious right
Child of light, walk no longer in the night
Bubbly white foam, O heavenly home

Anne Varghese (C) 2001

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