Sunday, 23 November 2003

Pot. Kettle. Both Broke.

it's not
quite that simple.

That which was broken
can be mended.
But it will never be
as good as new.

The cracks both
within and without
mar the purity
and perfection
of that which
was once whole.

The mere existence
of glued fissures
prove that all is
not as it was before.

And that it can never
be the way
it was before.

before you speak
before you act
before you leap.

Because actions
once done
cannot be undone.

They can only
be atoned for
with reparations
offered and made.

Fingers crossed.
Stomach in knots.
Butter pecan ice-cream.
Brain freeze.

No more thinking.

-Anne The Obscure

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