Wednesday, 12 November 2003

Dazed 10:99

Magical moonshine
Of happy memories
That never will return
Paradise wrenched out
In the blinking of an eye
Without a single shout

Dazed soul all blind
Fallen heavily
Into a pit of shadows
Empty shell, life is gone
No one left to mourn
Eternal love once sworn

Melancholy starlight
Loved burned
Once so brightly
Now see the jagged hole
Left this empty shell all cold
Broken husks so bold

No love no life no warmth
No peace no joy no warmth
Echoes of a dear past
Remembering the laughter
Moonlit memories
Starlit fantasies

Of Love astounding
Of Laughter surrounding
Peace and hope
Happiness and joy
Good cheer and immortality
Magical memories all past

No more to seek
Useless is it to weep
Paradise wrenched out
Heaven died without a shout
Grieving ... Loss

Dazed soul all blind
Groping in the shadows
No light leading
To green meadows
No love so sweet and mellow
Just Pain...Grieving ... Loss

Insane and hurting
Bereaved and shocked
Complete Loss
Broken thoughts
Bruised and dazed
From this day forth

No more to be amazed
No life mystery
No questions for the universe
No wonder
No joy at Creation

No absolution
Only Pain
Only Loss
Only Grieving
Huddled down in this pit of shadows
Broken, bruised, dazed...DYING

I miss you mum. It has been 2 years. You said I'd be fine after 2 years and going about my business. Not true. You're a liar mum. I love you and miss you and the hole in my soul will be here always.

Anne The Obscure

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