Friday, 4 September 2015

A seaworthy memorare (Of ocean-sprays and jigsaws)

As I sat facing the open sea, alone always alone
Waves crashing earnestly on the beach in surround sound
I felt your warm briny soul reach out to me tingling
Arising from vapours in the midnight sea breezes
A smoky caress from a shooting star falling in the water
Do you see the self-critique peeling away from my vulcanized heart?
Sheets of black blood flowing through the ocean sprays?
Unfinished. Alone. Raw. The seas wash it all away, all that self-hate
This dusty universe that contains all the souls of the dead
Ocean-sprays that shoot their antidote in my eyes and nose
Death and rebirth by salty water is the next adventure is it not?
Why don't you have it in the seas, your coming of age, your pre mid-life crisis?
The final and the first Amen to a life spent blowing jets of hope
Into the dry dirtily demanding land-winds that heed you not
Here it comes, Neptune's jagged emerald sword crashes over your head
A memorare, a jigsaw that drums out the mermaid soul you were born to have

Anne V

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