Thursday, 3 April 2014

the trees, they rise up

The world swings back and forth 
First it loves you then it hates you
But you do what you came to do 
And the trees will rise up to greet you

-Anne V


Kenia Cris said...

Hi Anne, thanks for your visit and lovely comment back on my Exercise on exisiting. I'm following back, not just to be polite (believe me, Internet camaraderie is not my thing, I'll only read and follow what I really like, I don't offer fake appraisal, ever), but because I found your writing great. :)

This piece here, oh my heart (!), I wish I had written this.

Take care and keep smiling.

Kiss <3

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thank you Kenia. I added your site to my page hours earlier after I commented. Google friend connect though isn't letting me log in to connect. I will try again in a few hours to connect. Thanks for visiting xoxo. I agree with you re Internet camaraderie...l too only follow those whose writings echo the feelings in my soul strings. Yours did. Immediately.

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