Monday, 19 August 2013

The Horizon Is Near (a song of hope)

Follow me here as I stand close to the wire
Close enough to feel my skin sizzle
And the coins in my pocket get warm
Life has been a roller coaster
And all I have is earnest bric-a-brac
From dear emotions of past happiness
You hold my shirt back as I grasp the wire
Both hoping not to be electrocuted
As I find us a new path out of this mad hole
The madness of trying again despite it all
The insanity of attempting success anew
A quest to be who I can be again

Follow me here as I fly close to the wire
My eagle wings are bruised and torn
I have no other life left in me
But have I really given it my all my everything?
Fiery thoughts as I keep trying again and again
To give up is to surrender is to lose my angel wings
Adversity steels the soul even as it hollows my cheeks
When the rings do not come momentarily I falter
Was I never worthy? 10 years surely means a thing
Someone once liked my mind
My sharp cheeky brain for what it was
Enough to keep me in pots and pots of honey

Follow me here as I sit close to the edge
Close enough to feel the vacuum yawning at me
Electricity crackling near delicate eyelashes
I have no other hold to balance me
But your love and your faith in my ability
Life has been shooting darts all year
Through these 4 score and 16 days
And yet we try and try and we try again
Attempting to launch our new life bold
A struggle to live life on our own terms
The fires burn as I fall again so hard
Yet I know I will never cease trying

Follow me as I raise mangled hands up in hope
I will clamber onto this tight-rope of life
My soul is washed clean renewed
Because of your hopeful presence
Quiet unending love so faithful
I thank you for that my darlings
My heart is yours past the pale
Love stands fast to eternity and beyond
The wires cut me not
Their sizzle no longer burns 
I hold on and climb my way back up
The horizon is near

-Anne V


Brian Miller said...

wow...intense....esp the wires, the attempt at escape...the strength they give you to climb on to it...whew

Anne Viva (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thank you Brian. I am glad those feelings came through...the challenge of overcoming fear...

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I like this. Your climb back up or through to yourself. "a quest to be who I can be again" speaks to me.

Loredana Donovan said...

Yet I know I will never cease trying ... my favorite line. I like the optimistic attitude despite the struggle :)

Mary said...

A strong share here this morning. I do think life is a continual climb....and hopefully eventually one will reach the horizon!

Anne Viva (Anne The Obscure) said...

thanks everyone I appreciate the feedback and comments. <3

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