Friday, 10 May 2013

05052013 Justice went black

Concrete towers fully decked out
Filled with fake racist mutterings
Using dirty racist epithets as a ploy
Whispering nonsense to create doubts
To divide and rule without checks

While the popular vote
Went to the idealistic losers
Who can only beat their breasts
Parade their anger on the streets
Exhort the masses to spring

Twisting the minority government
Into feverish defensive racks
Watching the rakyat crowding
The stadiums and the streets
Aunties come forth dressed in black

Shaking their fists with fortitude
At the skies thumping verbal attacks
While man-shaped snails in uniform of blue
And fake ice-cream men so obviously bourgeois
Take a lot of silly photos for pro-government hacks

-Anne The Obscure

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