Thursday, 18 April 2013

Post 17: Neptune Calling

NaPoWriMo 2013

Following the writing prompt for Day 17, "write a poem of greeting". I wrote a poem saying hello to the sea and thanking the sea for curing me of my compassion burnout after 8 years as an aid worker helping refugees. Seriously. I went to the sea and the sea cured me. Amen. 

Happiness in every smile
On this bright Monday morning
In the middle of the blueness
The waves they curl and intrigue me
The mighty South China Sea
I hear his voice so clear
Does he know I am here?
The thrill of the sounds

The smiles of strangers abound
as our laughter tumbles down
Tinkles friendly and low
Rainbow glows
Sunlight falls in bursts
On dappled leaves disperse
Such life in every dewdrop
My soul starts to soar and hop
I can taste his salty tang in the air
I hear him call to me
Rubbing my spirit clean and bare
After the afternoon rain

My eyes feel a satiny sheen
Dull burnishes turn to a high gleam
In this simple place
Finally, a smile to my face
His calm whooshes through
Across and around the bayou
As the winds blow past
Corals and shells abound
Ships in the harbor
Silently they slide in
Leaving no undertow
Tug boats chug about merrily

Nice and idyllic the sea winds blow
It's a sound of hope my soul knows
The leaves whisper a song
Mother Nature can't be wrong
Intense light all around
Feathery friendly clouds
The salt sprays stroke me softly
I hear the waves crash I hear Him call to me
Velvety and warm the sun shines on me
I shuffle through the golden sands
I leap into the sea
Planning on snorkeling it worked for awhile
Then the mask and the vest
What is this they constrict me
I cannot breathe I have gills
I need to be me I need to be free

I need to feel the waves in my eyes can you see?
Neptune the wise Sea God he remembered me
He hears the sound of my sighs he knew me
I had not forgotten Him and the sea
What they did for me setting me free
The waves a benediction
The undertow a reflection their pull a valediction
Their caress an unforgotten inflection
Of all that we have gone through
Oh, this holy water so clear and blue
Washing away my battered ragged id
My torn soul resized to fit

Salty water of my eyes and of the seas con-mingle
My toes and fingers vibrate and start to tingle
I can almost breathe in the blessed sea
Is it alive? Does it know me?
A clown fish and a baby shark come to say hi
Some mackerel and a few baby zebra fish stop to spy
They hover around they bump my fingertips
they recognize a fellow kin
Citizen of Neptune in their midst

-Anne The Obscure


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh it must be such a beautiful world under the sea. I love the ocean and find that, whatever stress is going on, all I need to do is step onto the shore and the waves lull me into peace.......Bless you for your valuable work as an aid worker.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


The sea is such a magnificent place for different moods. Offering an escape, an affinity and recognition..Thank you for painting such a visual consideration..

Thank you for your kind visits to my poems:)

Brian Miller said...

very cool...i love the ocean...and i am learning about the currents right now in my earth science mastery class...i would love to go down in a sub to see some of the world we never really get to see....

Kathryn said...

The sea definitely has wonderful healing powers, by the ocean is where I'm most at peace . . . where I can lose myself yet truly be at the same time. Beautiful poem.

Mary said...

I love all the details you included in this poem...and I am impressed how well you seem to know the sea and love it! So nice to see you at Poets United.

moondustwriter said...

The sea really has a voice. I love what you have written here; I run to the sea when I am sick or sick at heart.
Thanks for sharing

Kim Nelson said...

Sea water is ultimately healing for me, so any piece centered on that is a gift. You make me appreciate that even more.

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thanking everyone months later for your feedback. I appreciate all your comments! For awhile there I avoided the seaside but now I am indeed once more an acolyte of Neptune and a follower of ocean moods. Bless.

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