Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dungu Books - Nonsense Rhymes

My friendliness is for people
who don't call me names
Who would really want
to be chummy all cheery
After seeing the sheer lack
of any anger management really

I don't care if your leg
is falling off actually
Or if your neck is hanging on
by one tendon nearly
If you are going to remind me
of nasty old women
It's a problem cos it will sort
of become your emblem

If you want to get back
in my sunflower books
There is no need to be on tenterhooks
Just stop talking smack , silly
and learn to be more kindly
Now please go rest that scary
leg you lopsided frog

Really this poem isn't real
I am only testing
if you read my blog

-Anne The Obscure

*for a younger relative who fell through a horrid manhole on Friday 29 March 2013 and then called me a dungu for informing certain people about his injury. His shin was torn off, of course the family would want to know! There is a need to know and a need to know. Same difference. 

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