Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunday Musings

Do you know that exact moment in a relationship, when you know the chemistry's dead and nothing you do is going to bring it back? Though the stories were great and the memories wonderful, there is nothing to look forward to and when your other half is out of sight, he or she is also out of mind?

And you know that he or she maybe feels the same way but does not want to internalise it and wake up to smell the rancid week-old coffee and dead black flowers in the pot on the windowsill?

This is bad news folks.

The only thing left to do is to cut the ties that bind, and scamper out of the old relationship rut, the one that makes you stay out of convenience and laziness, the one where you can't be bothered with the search for someone new, where you shudder at the though of the seemingly endless travails over hill and dale for the next kindred spirit with whom to make a connection with, where you just want to snuggle in with the familiar comfort of the known universe, even though the scenery's dead and all the juicy plants have been eaten.

But once you do it, ruthlessly cut the cords that are weighing you down and jump on the next Freedom Ship out, the possibilities are endless... the horizon opens up like it never has before, and life, once again, has promises, has beauty, and the thrill of the chase, and the pure, abject pleasure that you may have found the one, the Lobster, the soulmate to trump all soulmates. To dance with him or her to the music of the jazz band playing at the restaurant at the end of the universe. To rock on with someone who lovingly and willingly lights up the dark paths that you have to walk.

To strive to be happy, to struggle to hope in something bigger and better than yourself and to jump ship, jump dimensions, and to walk where your heart has never walked before, to share a bit of yourself, and to allow someone a peek in the windows of your soul.

That's difficult.
And ultimately the most challenging thing to do of all.

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