Friday, 17 November 2006

A Love So Forbidden

The futility of my hot desire for you
Is that I can never have you legally
You are off-limits to me
Your sexiness is that
You are barred to me
Forever, for all time
Can we meet after work maybe?
Or during a lunchbreak when no one's around
To comment, to castigate, and to caution me?
Of how evil you are for my health and well-being?
The frustration of my thoughts
Fuels my grief, my sorrow and my rage
I would give an arm and a leg
To press myself against your hard chocolate body
To feel you against my tongue
To rub against your core
And to feel the icy hard heat
Of my hunger for you
Running through my veins
Glorious starbursts exploding in my brain
And to watch you melt like putty in my hands
As I rub your shaft up and down
And feel your hardness against my soft palms
Knobbly as I rub you between my hands
Shuddering as you melt into my mouth
So lasciviously I lick you
So long have I desired you
So sensuously I tongue you
And take you all the way in
I feel your hard length against the roof of my mouth
I almost think that I can deep-throat you
This hot, hot, night
With the birds chirping and the crickets singing
The heat makes me want to rip off all my clothes
And rub you all over me
As I stand there loving the taste of you
On my tongue
Feeling all the goodness that you bring to me
Hitting the spot every time

My wonderful, most desired
chocolate, almond and vanilla Magnum ice-cream sandwich...

Viva Neutiquam Erro (2006)

PS. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?? Especially when she's been on a healthy eating plan for 8 months now with no real visible results. It's been three weeks now since I got back from Thailand, and I have not touched a single fattening thing, if we don't talk about that lil' piece of birthday cake my colleague made, that I had to eat (it was only polite). :-P

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