Saturday, 8 October 2005

Angel of Death

Psychotic maria
You flame the fires with your paranoia
You fan the hatred with your bigotry
You kill the love with your indifference

Psychotic maria
Why don't you tell the truth for once
Say it like it really is
Put it out there and let others judge you

Psychotic maria
Where has your conscience gone
Do you not see your children crying
Can you not feel their pain

Psychotic maria
What happened to all the the beads
Of peace, of hope, of commiseration
Where has our faith taken us

Psychotic maria
You save that which you have killed
You kill that which you promised to save
How are we to trust you now

Pyschotic maria
The world bleeds its guts out
While you float around in your schizophrenia
Tempting, teasing, tormenting, torturing

Psychotic maria
Tell me why I should wait for you
When all your baggage is too heavy for me
Asphyxiating me, drowning me, suffocating me

Psychotic maria
What have we done to deserve your pain
The sun cracks holes in the earth
While you tempt us with dastardly hope

Psychotic maria
There is no redemption for the grieving
There is nothing you can offer
A poor substitute for our lost Love

Psychotic maria
Tell your uneducated zealots to back off
No more visits to your father's house
No more faith, no more hope, no more charity.

Psychotic maria
Float around in your paranoia
Let your voices calm you down
That's all you ever had anyway

Psychotic maria
I've had just about enough of the extremism
Enough of the fundamentalist fengshuied crap
Of the way, the truth and the life

Psychotic maria
Over to the sun, sea and sand
There's all there is, no judgment
No hope, no bliss, no redemption

Anne Varghese (2005)

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