Sunday, 26 September 2004

On The Front Stoop

He held her in his arms
And screamed up at the sky silently
She had no more pulse
He had found her on the stoop of her house
Warm, quiet, dead

He held her close to him
And his mind screamed at him so loudly
She was his one, his only
And he had left her thinking she'd be okay
And now, she was gone, forever

He looked at her calmly
And his mind went blank with terror
He had only her, no one else
And now he was without his darling love
How was he to go on, to survive, to live?

He thought dark thoughts
As he held his love in his arms
He thought of ending it all
He wished joining her were possible
So that he would no longer be alone

And then he saw the peace on her face
The love in her smile, the calm on her brow
And he knew that his Love had found Heaven
So how could he grudge her that?
He had to go on, survive, live

And some day they would meet again
In a world far better
In a place more lovely
Where there is no more pain, no more tears
And life together would then be forever

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