Thursday, 15 April 2004

N + O Equals NO

Dear Scumsuckers Of The World,


"Extra...Extra... this just off the presses..."

N + O = NO

Get this through your skull. Pound it into your brain. If you have one. Buying a date dinner, drinks, dessert and a movie, does not grant you the right of first contact. No means no. Not "maybe later", not "if I get you drunk", not "let's try anyway and see".

No means no, o foolfacefathead.

If you can't get it through your skull, then take a hammer, and a long, long nail (preferably rusty) and drive it through your head. Your preference, which head to do the deed to.

And here come's the hex:-

May the mythical mysthical vengeful Gods above and below turn you dickless, ball-less, and arsehole-less the next time you :
  1. hurt a woman, and/or
  2. attempt to hurt a woman, and/or
  3. suggest hurting a woman, and/or
  4. harbour thoughts of hurting any woman

And if you have problems resolving this issue on your own, might I suggest a cocktail of rat's poison and weedkiller, drunk shaken not stirred as is the time-honoured tradition where you come from.

If you have problems ingesting this voluntarily, might I suggest a few volunteers, who would be more than willing to jab you with a hypodermic containing this delightful cocktail.

Sleaze. Loser. Arse-wipe. Pondscum. Buntutbusukbelacanbasi. Rotten twerp. Scumbucket.

Have a good life.

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