Saturday, 1 November 2003

Writer’s Block

Sigh.... have had writer's block for the past 3 days now... my writing lies abandoned. Can I blame God for this? I don't think so. But maybe I can, maybe I should, in keeping with the form of this blog. But then again, what's the point? It won't achieve anything except to get a few well-placed lightning bolts sent my way. Or will it?? If that's the case, I should have been well fried by now. I suppose when I die I won't make it to Heaven because of all the dark thoughts I have.... let's not even talk about this Blog. Could I cop an insanity plea, you think?

Sigh...I think I have come to the realisation that we're all gonna die anyway so why bother struggling with God. Why bother fighting so hard against the coming of the night? I have a feeling that I am depressed. God is psychotic. He leadeth us to green pastures and then setteth us down to rest, while exhorting the hungry lion to come upon us and swalloweth us whole. The amount of anger I have at God. I wonder what He's going to do to me next. Just give me back my writing skills, man!! I need it to practice law!!! I need it to write my poetry!!!! I need it to blog!!!!!

Ah, just go away and leave me alone.

Anne The Obscure- 12 Feb 2003

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