Saturday, 29 November 2003


What do you do when someone you love constantly hurts your feelings, and when you point this fact out, they deny it and say that you are being paranoid? That the fact that they are completely oblivious that they are causing hurt is completely beyond them, that they could be the cause of someone else's grief, sorrow, peptic ulcer and acid reflux is something that is entirely beyond their ken, is something that one just cannot understand.

So the age-old fall back on the defence mechanism that they have not done anything wrong at all, and that it is you who are over-reacting. I think I would know when someone was constantly hurting my feelings wouldn't I? I mean, at least give me that. That I would know if someone were making me feel miserable. That I would be aware that all was not right (well, as right as it could be, anyway) in this insane world.

It is amazing how we adults can hurt each other with such self-absorbed impunity all the time, while walking around with this self-perception that we are absolute angels with perfect halos on our heads, that we can do no wrong, that our opinions are always right, that it is those other people over there who are bigots, those fellas over in that corner who are malicious, who are pernickety, that it is everyone else whose ideas need to change, that there is always someone else whose principles need re-thinking. Always them, never us.

I think this world would be a way better place if people got just a bit more introspective and took a good look in the mirror every once in a while. And for you cock-eyed types, please carry a magnifying glass with you. Maybe then you'll be able to see your flaws....and that huge 2' by 4' in your eye before you comment on the dastardly splinter that your neighbour has. I know I am far from perfect but at least I am aware of my failings and do not adopt an all-or-nothing attitude when dealing with others. 

Sigh. Ok. Rant over. 

Given a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, maybe imaginary friends would be better. 

-Anne The Obscure

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